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Wedamor is a wedding planning application aimed at the overgrowing and largely unorganised wedding planning market. With the advent of technology, higher disposable incomes  and a need for customized weddings on the rise, an opportunity is very evident for online wedding planners who can provide the services at a fraction of the costs which a traditional wedding planner charges.

We are creating a Do-It-Yourself wedding planning app which will help plan the wedding with minimal fuss. It will be a one-stop platform for creating wedding wishlists, vendor management, guest management, gift registry, and memories management.

Wedding Planning is a painstaking task, especially in Indian context where the scale of weddings is huge. Managing a perfectly executed event across several days/multiple functions with huge guest lists is a challenging task.

However, not everyone can afford the fancy wedding planners.

Wedamor is a Do-It-Yourself wedding planner application which acts as your in-house wedding planning assistant helping you through the complex activity.

The Indian wedding industry is at present undergoing a shift with people looking for more personalized wedding experiences which is not possible with the traditional wedding planning structures.

With the advent of technology and the newer generation being open to using it, we do expect a shift towards the online wedding planning soon. Wedamor aims to be the preferred application for online wedding planning and be ready in the market to reap the benefits of the shift which is very evident.